How Shakespearean Therapy Helps Kids with Autism

It’s no surprise that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have unique needs, and there are now many therapeutic approaches and methods to help these children learn social skills. Since many children with ASD struggle with maintaining eye contact, recognizing emotions, and taking turns speaking, they may need to work with a mentor or teacher [...]

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The Importance of Autism Training for Teachers

A new law in England just mandated that every new teacher undergo autism training before entering classrooms. This important initiative will mean that by September 2018, teachers there will be better equipped with techniques geared at helping students on the spectrum learn effectively and thrive in school.

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Becoming Aware of Autism: At Work & in Communities

Autism Spectrum Disorder is increasing every year among global populations. In fact,according to the CDC, there has been a 119% increase in the occurrence of autism from 2000-2010. The CDC has also found that 1 in 68 children were on the spectrum in 2012. While this rising prevalence of ASD is partly because of diagnosis [...]

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