Autism Research: Areas of Promise

The last decade has proven a golden age in autism research. Today researchers are getting closer to truly understanding the epidemiology behind the genetic, neurological, and environmental factors that contribute to the onset of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The research thus far has provided us an enormous amount of scientific data that is already helping [...]

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How Diet Affects Autism

What we eat can have a positive or negative effect on our mood and overall health. Parents and caregivers of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, such as autism, may need to pay close attention to the child’s diet, since some research suggests a link between food and autism symptoms. Some experts recommend gluten free [...]

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6 Pioneers in Autism Research and Care

Modern medical science has only recently begun to scratch the surface when it comes to understanding autism and other developmental disabilities. Though in name “autism” is roughly a century old, it has only been understood as a diagnosable, genetic disability since the 1970s. Given this timeline, many of the pioneers in autism care and research [...]

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5 Common Myths About Autism

In public consciousness, there are many misconceptions about autism and ASD (autism spectrum disorder). Because autism is both prevalent and complex in nature, it is especially important that the myths be parsed out from the facts. Though autism research has gained momentum, much remains to be learned about ASD and the individuals it affects. In [...]

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7 Things Families With Children on the Autism Spectrum Should Know

Upon receiving an autism diagnosis, families face real challenges in providing proper care and support for their children. Parents and family members of autistic children need to be equipped with the proper knowledge to handle these challenges with grace and love. There are many resources available for these families, especially in an age where academic-grade [...]

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