Mission Statement

The SAILS Group truly believes that every individual should be given the opportunity to succeed, and to live the most normalized and integrated lives possible. This is achieved with a strong background in positive behavioral support, well-trained staff, and a consistent value for choice.

The SAILS Group utilizes a systematic approach to preventing or reducing challenging behaviors, with the intention of supporting and assisting the individual in becoming more adaptive to their surroundings, thereby increasing the individual’s quality of life. As the individual and their support team develop socially acceptable skills, ultimately, the maladaptive behaviors will not be as relied upon. In time, individuals will be much more likely to better adapt to their environment and become more functional, successful and independent members of their community.

Our agency’s philosophy also incorporates the Person-Centered Planning approach with every individual placed in its programs. This process is on-going, collaborative and focuses on the overall needs and success of the person served. While all services received are driven by the individual, the patient’s “team” (individuals that support his or her vision and goals) advocates for the individual regarding any arena of their life, and assures any need, desire and interest is being addressed and services are being coordinated accordingly. This team also assists in providing various opportunities to enhance the individual’s independence and success within the community, and may include participating in community events and resources (recreation center, library, park, volunteering) developing personal relationships, vocational skills, and further expanding the individual’s skills and abilities needed to achieve these goals.

Our Core Values




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