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How Shakespearean Therapy Helps Kids with Autism

It’s no surprise that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have unique needs, and there are now many therapeutic approaches and methods to help these children learn social skills. Since many children with ASD struggle with maintaining eye contact, recognizing emotions, and taking turns speaking, they may need to work with a mentor or teacher [...]

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What “Autism in Love” Teaches Us About Romance On and Off the Spectrum

Finding love is rarely an easy pursuit, but it’s one that millions upon millions embark upon once or more in a lifetime. For people with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), it can be even more difficult. Romance is all about identifying and expressing emotions, something that can be challenging to autistic individuals. That said, it’s a [...]

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How Technology Helps Individuals With ASD Thrive

Our technology-saturated world is not all fun and mobile games. Technological innovation has fundamentally changed business, healthcare, entertainment and just about every facet of life you can think of. Like every other powerful, global phenomenon, it has the potential to create great good as well as great harm. On the positive side of this spectrum, [...]

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4 Bloggers Spreading Awareness & Hope To Families With Special Needs

Autism Daddy What is most noticeable about parents who have children diagnosed with severe autism is their ability to be humble, frank, and among other things, patient -- especially with people who don’t understand the realities of autism. Started by 46-year old Frank Campana, whose son 13-year old son Kyle has severe autism, the Autism [...]

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The Importance of Autism Training for Teachers

A new law in England just mandated that every new teacher undergo autism training before entering classrooms. This important initiative will mean that by September 2018, teachers there will be better equipped with techniques geared at helping students on the spectrum learn effectively and thrive in school.

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UnitedHealthcare & Autism Spectrum Coverage: A New Precedent

For years, autism activists have been working with state legislatures to require insurance companies to provide covered care for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other autism treatments. Big strides were made with Obamacare, with 29 states in the Health Insurance Marketplace now covering ABA as an Essential Health Benefit. This allows residents of 29 states [...]

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How a Simple Comic Shows the Autism Spectrum More Fully

The autism spectrum has typically been visually represented as a linear progression, with “not autistic” on one end, and “very autistic” on the other. The problem with this understanding of the spectrum is that it oversimplifies a complex medical condition and does not account for the myriad complexities in human brain processing. Autism is a [...]

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Becoming Aware of Autism: At Work & in Communities

Autism Spectrum Disorder is increasing every year among global populations. In fact,according to the CDC, there has been a 119% increase in the occurrence of autism from 2000-2010. The CDC has also found that 1 in 68 children were on the spectrum in 2012. While this rising prevalence of ASD is partly because of diagnosis [...]

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