The SAILS Group, Inc. (Supported And Independent Living Services) is an international agency committed to the quality of care, supervision and training of adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Home Care

Completely and competently dedicated to the care of seniors, right in the comfort of their homes.

Home Care

We have nearly 20 years experience caring for individuals and their families. SAILS HomeCare stands ready to offer you trusted and quality non-medical in-home care, provided by a compassionate and competently trained home care team.

Care Homes

Residential Care homes for the behaviorally challenged

Care Homes

Home like environment, where each human being is treated with the outmost care. Every moment is taken as an opportunity to enhance the child’s life to their maximum potential.

Crisis Homes

Individuals in Crisis Homes, and Crisis Services with a Transitional In-Home component

Crisis Homes

To date, with the exception of one adult consumer in Los Angeles, every one of the 100+ consumers served in our crisis homes have successfully transitioned to their family or to a lower level of care.

Supported Living Services

Work Opportunity, Individually tailored services and supports and much more..

Supported Living Services

Our Goal is to assist and train developmentally disabled adults to achieve their maximum potential through creativity, encouragement and positive behavior management.

We specialize in the most behaviorally challenged individuals and are known for our holistic, non-aversive training methods. When possible, we help these individuals develop skills, earn income, and live an integrated life in their communities.

Founded on February 1, 1996 by the current CEO, Ihab Shahawi, The SAILS Group’s mission and overall philosophy is devoted to the stabilization and empowerment of individuals with developmental disabilities, so that each person served may achieve his or her maximum potential. We strive to help individuals live a normalized, integrated, independent and least restrictive life as possible, offering the same opportunities for growth, support and success that anyone else may have.

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